Small Business Saturday Black History Month Edition: Meet Michele Brown, Owner of Black Woman Owned Business Brownstone Expressions

Here at Vision Street Research we love supporting small businesses. As a Black Woman Owned Business we especially enjoy introducing and highlighting new Black Women entrepreneurs to our audience. Since February is Black History Month and this year’s theme is the Black Family we have chosen to approach our Small Business Saturday features from that lens. This is our first installment of this Small Business Saturday Black History Month Series, we see that legacy and generational wealth are motivators to Black Entrepreneurs.

Today we are excited to introduce you to Michele Brown, mother and owner of Black Woman Owned Business Brownstone Expressions. Michele, a high spirited woman from Georgia launched her business Monday February 8, 2021 and orders are steadily coming in. From Mug Collector to Mug Dealer, Brown’s businesses is about life, love and legacy. In fact the name “Brownstone” came from a discussion she and her late mother had years ago. We wanted to get to know a little bit more about Michele and the inspiration for her new business, read on to see what we learned.

What inspired you to start this business?

My daughter inspired me to start my business. I am trying to create generational wealth. I love and collect coffee mugs so I thought, why not do what you love at the same time creating a business that hopefully my daughter will continue. She likes coffee too, lol!

How long have you been a coffee lover?

I have been a coffee lover since I was a small child. My father would let me sip his coffee in the mornings. As I became older it became our thing, to have a cup of coffee no matter what time of day it was.

When thinking about your new business, what does the Clark Atlanta University motto find a way or make one mean to you?

I apply the CAU motto in everything I do! When I was preparing to start my business I was clueless to say the least. When I could not find the help I needed, I continued to research until I could do what I needed myself. I couldn’t find a way so I had to make my own way.

As a Black Woman Entrepreneur what is your most excited about/hopeful for your business?

My hope for my business, To live and leave a legacy for my daughter and my nieces. To show them that they can do anything their hearts desire. That just because you do not know how to do something, it doesn’t count you out. 

What is your favorite mug and why?

I have so many favorite mugs but I think one of my favorites is “Faith over Fear.” It describes my journey not just through entrepreneurship, but through life. Fear tends to hold us back when all we need is FAITH as a mustard seed to guide us through.

If you could share a cup of coffee with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

To be able to share a cup of coffee with my parents would be the ultimate dream. Sipping coffee out of mugs I created…just for us! They are my inspiration.

Grab your Brownstone Expressions Mug or Share the gift of a mug message with someone, visit and follow her @brownstoneexpressions


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