Project Management

Effective project management is an element that all organizations need, but one that many organizations often struggle with. Our team is able to relieve organizations of the burden of project management. We come in and take ownership of managing the day to day tasks of your organization’s project. We ensure deadlines are met, meetings are properly documented and that the project goals are achieved. We leverage a myriad of innovative project management tools and strategies in order to ensure a seamless client experience.

Specifically our project managers:

  • Develop & manage project timelines
  • Nurture project dependent relationships
  • Facilitate & document meetings
  • Identify resources to increase project effectiveness

Unsure how we can help you, here is a short list of sample projects:

  • Company or Non-Profit need someone to manage the documenting, process tracking and resume review of job prospects
  • Market Research Company needing a project manager for a qualitative research study
  • Non-Profit seeking someone to manage an economic empowerment initiative including monitoring programmatic metrics

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