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Community Based Organizations

We support community-based organizations (CBOs) who are driving transformative change on the ground. We equip them with the data analysis needed to not only make more informed decisions, but also acquire the necessary funding to serve more people and impact more black and brown communities. Most initial consultations begin with identifying their goals and obtaining insight on their current data collection methods. A data audit is an introductory market research & data analysis service we provide many of our CBO clients. The analysis report can inform a data collection strategy, an outcome measurement plan and refined logic model.

Minority Women Business Enterprises

We are committed to supporting Minority Owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs), especially Black Owned Businesses (BOBs) and Black Women Owned Businesses (BWOBS). Since the pandemic we have taken particular interest in working with BOBs and BWOBs in our local community by helping them grow their customer base using customer satisfaction surveys. Using our data analysis, they can not only earn more money, but also employ more local black youth as interns and seasonal staff. We also support our local BOBs and BWOBs through our #SmallBusinessSaturday social media campaigns and patronizing them whenever possible.

Our team has experience working with chambers of commerce, government entities and local grant funding non-profits who have programs, grants and contract opportunities for MWBEs. During our initial consultations, we not only determine the marketing or research services they need, but also identify their goals and their interest and readiness to participate in the county or state Minority Women Business Enterprise (MWBE) Certification Process. We implement our ACP process, assess client interest, asses client capacity and develop a custom plan. We also connect each business to our shared services network of resources needed to achieve their goals. Each client walks away with an Individual Business Development Plan (IBDP).

We routinely share resources that can aid Black small businesses clients and larger community to gain access to resources that support their growth and expansion.

Click for more information about the HOFSTRA Small Business Recovery Grant Workshop

Her Rise

Learn more about the 2020 Willa Mae Micro Grant

Working with Black Led Community Based Organizations and Black Led Businesses is in alignment with our mission towards contributing to economic mobility and the increase of Black Generational Wealth. Our approach with both is rooted in data driven decision-making and providing research services that positively impact communities we collectively care about.

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Vision Street Research is a research consultancy with vision and community passion at its core. Our team of consultants collectively possess well over a decade of market research and community experience.

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