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Administering a survey is an effective way to assess the perceptions of your products and services from your target audience. In the Non-Profit arena having some sort of survey or questionnaire is a key component of an evaluation plan. For businesses, customer satisfaction surveys are very critical in gauging your customer experience and help inform what marketing strategies should be implemented moving forward. Our team can help you with various facets of your survey including:

  1. Determining survey objectives
  2. Selecting survey plan and methodology (online via Survey Monkey or offline via pen and paper)
  3. Administering the survey
  4. Analyzing the survey results via graphical representation

We know just the right probes to not be insensitive, but still allow people to open up about personal matters such as being unbanked or underbanked. Additionally, we have experience facilitating group discussions such as meetings, panel discussions and community forums. We are equipped to develop a community outreach strategy that ensures your work is being done “with” the community and not “to” the community. We pride ourselves on working on the ground and supporting community based organizations in their local efforts. Our team volunteers in community activities whenever we can.


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Vision Street Research is a research consultancy with vision and community passion at its core. Our team of consultants collectively possess well over a decade of market research and community experience.

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