Market Research & Data Analysis

Our market research & data analysis services cover a broad spectrum ranging from survey development to facilitating focus groups/community conversations. Our team is equipped to:

  • Develop and administer surveys
  • Conduct data audits (i.e. dig deep into your company, customer or program data) 
  • Create an outcome measurement strategy
  • Conduct industry specific research for grants or investors pitch

 Administering a survey is an effective way to assess the perceptions of your products and services from your target audience. In the Non-Profit arena having some sort of survey or questionnaire is a key component of an evaluation plan. We can help with the creation of Logic Models as well.  For businesses, customer satisfaction surveys are very critical in gauging your customer experience and help inform what marketing strategies should be implemented moving forward.We will help you make data driven decisions.


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Vision Street Research is a research consultancy with vision and community passion at its core. Our team of consultants collectively possess well over a decade of market research and community experience.

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