Our Market Research and Data Analysis Services focus primarily on quantitative research via surveys. Administering a survey is an effective way to assess the perceptions of your products and services from your target audience. With our Community Based Organization (CBO) clients having some sort of survey or questionnaire is a key component of their evaluation plan (or will be once they hire us).Whether it is pre and post tests to track student outcomes or parent engagement surveys, there is data that needs to be collected to maintain or acquire funding. For those CBOs that need it we can conduct data audits, create logic models and design outcome measurement plans.  For our Black Owned Businesses, customer satisfaction surveys are very critical in gauging your customer experience, growing your business, evaluating employees and help to inform what types of strategies should be implemented moving forward. Our team can help you with various facets of your survey including:

  1. Determining survey objectives
  2. Selecting survey plan and methodology (online via Survey Monkey or offline via pen and paper)
  3. Administering the survey
  4. Analyzing the survey results via graphical representation
  5. Writing a 1-3 page results summary which includes recommendations and next steps


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Vision Street Research is a research consultancy with vision and community passion at its core. Our team of consultants collectively possess well over a decade of market research and community experience.


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