Black Women Owned Business Network Visionary: Meet Deidre Helberg of The U.S. Coalition of Black Women Businesses

A primary target audience of Vision Street Research is Black Women Owned Businesses. We seek to serve them with services, especially our Customer Satisfaction Survey development and analysis. According to the data, this segment of small businesses has been rapidly growing since the pandemic, with the current count being 2.7 million nationwide(Source: Despite this growth, Black Women Entrepreneurs still face many challenges personally and professionally when it comes business growth and success. Lack of access to credit, access to federal and state contracts, prejudice and bias, predisposition to negative health outcomes and work life demands make the plight of Black Women CEOs no small feat. Black Women need and truly benefit from networks that facilitate access and acknowledge the nuances of this segment of business owners. 

The US Coalition of Black Women Business (USCBWB) is a trusted sisterhood that was birthed in 2020. We recently sat down with founder Deidre Helberg to learn more about the Coalition and her aspirations for the future for its members. 

1. What inspired you to start USCBWB? After years of witnessing and navigating the disparities and closed doors faced by Black Women Entrepreneurs, I decided I wanted to do something about it. USCBWB emerged out of the pursuit to inspire and support the community, along with a desire for actions to speak louder than words. Deidre explained that her motivation for starting this organization was to create a safe space for Black Women to “genuinely support each other’s business endeavors and support one another mind, body and spirit .”

2. Tell us about your membership. The USCBWB’s nearly 800 members include the largest and most successful businesses in
the region, recently organized start-ups, and almost every conceivable business in between.

3. In your own words what does the Power of SHEE mean to you? Any advocacy issues USCBWB is focusing on right now?

Much of the work done by the U.S. Coalition of Black Women is centered around what we define as the power of SHEE—the power of social, health, and economic equity related to strengthening our businesses and communities from within. Access to economic opportunities is an advocacy area we are heavily focused on. In fact, through our strategic partnership with a Black Male Owned Business we are working together to ensure our members gain access to business opportunities in the Offshore Wind Industry. 

4. Why should Black Woman Owned Businesses join the coalition?  What can they expect as a member ? They can expect a sisterhood with like minded Black Women Business Owners who are invested in seeing other black women succeed. Today, the USCBWB provides leadership opportunities, volunteer programs and business-building initiatives that focus on the critical priorities of our community.By leveraging the support, talent and resources of our members, USCBWB improves economic opportunities for all. Specifically, USCBWB does the following for members:

o Provide a constant support system to the members~ Membership Services
o Ensure that the business community is an active voice in governmental decisions~
Public Policy
o Foster local business – providing resources and opportunities
o Provide ample networking opportunities

Learn more about membership levels here:

5. What is a mantra/quote you live by? Be A Part of The Change You Want To See

7. What are upcoming events USCBWB has?

Register here:

Power of SHEE Event (Virtual) – Hosted by USCBWB Member, Precious L. Williams

Date: Saturday, October 1, 2022: 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM ET

Sign up on for event registrations and updates.


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