A Teen’s Career Pathway To Engineering: Screws, Tools and Wires by Dhani Beckwith

A Teen’s Career Pathway To Engineering: Screws tools and wires. Words that have transcended from being just words and have become key foundations of the person I am. My name is Dhani Beckwith, and with my name comes an engineering based mind. Ever since I can remember, I have had the passion to engineer and create emanate out of me. My childhood consisted of playing with toys that I built or further expanding on the toys that were given to me. I would often get in trouble for using up all the rubber bands and paper clips due to my countless inventions. This knack for engineering never subsided throughout my elementary and middle school years, and was further strengthened by High School. When in High School I was able to take more complex and heavily engineering based classes turning my passion filled hobby into something more developed. I then joined the robotics club and again my whole engineering world expanded. I was no longer in the basic jungles of electronics.  Instead, I was now into the Amazon Rainforest of robotics. Between working after school everyday and competitions on the weekends, my love for engineering had irrevocably been bolstered. I was now working with electronics and online code showing me a new side of engineering for me to be enamored by. This then led to me wanting to use my skills and see just how much I could do with them. As a result, I joined a virtual business class and took on an internship providing me with a platform to show my skills and use some of the unknown advantages I’d developed. For the business class,  I created and ran a working website allowing me to use some of the coding I learned. And for the internship, my procedure -like thinking process from engineering helped with making facebook posts and designing some things for a website as well. Through the internship with Vision Street Research, I’ve also learned some things about SEO, something I would have never even batted an eye at without my engineering interest. Now with my High School career coming to an end, I know that I have to satisfy my craving to engineer further into college. This led me to apply and be accepted into NYIT, a top 30 engineering school in the nation. Overall, engineering has impacted my life in so many ways and I could not picture my life without it. It has shaped me, my decisions, and my interests.. There is not a thing I do or say that hasn’t been derived from or somewhat shaped  by years of my interest in engineering. The love I have for it is so vast that I found it painstaking to choose a major and just focus on one aspect of the ever expanding world that is engineering.  I encourage anyone to try something involving engineering whether it be taking a class or fixing a cabinet; hopefully it will spark something in you like it did me and change your life for the better. You may find you have a love for engineering  you never knew existed. With this field comes a new extension of yourself and I can wholeheartedly say that engineering changed my life.


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