Did you spend the final days of 2020 seeking career tips for job search success? The first quarter of the year is a great time to look for a job. We are so excited to have Flora Quick, Certified Professional Career Coach as a trusted partner in Workforce Development and ensuring job search success. As you embark on the first quarter of the year, please take a look at the 5 Career Tips for Job Search Success.

1- Establish a Career Plan and Self-Evaluate –
Develop a clear vision of who you are as a professional, analyze your work values,
communication skills, strengths, and how to use them for your success. Taking a
professional assessment, learning a new skill, and volunteering are useful for your
2- Update your Résumé, Cover Letter, and Professional Reference –
A well-crafted résumé and cover letter that relate your career history, catches the
attention of hiring managers and recruiters. They highlight the value you bring to the
employer and get passed the electronic gate keepers when you apply online. References
attest to your work ability and skills, use them to your advantage.
3- Network, Job Search, and Apply –
Learn how to network online like a pro, navigate the job search, and application
process. These tools are relevant when used properly.
4- Your Digital Identity –
Regardless of who you are, you need to have a professional online presence.
Employers conduct background checks, including social media reviews and references
check. Polish your online presence.
5- Interview Preparation –
Practice is key. Prepare to answer and ask relevant questions, dress properly, and
follow up after the interview.


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